Fundraising Team Stores

Team Sports Direct knows how much time and money coaches and team parents invest in their players. We concentrate on efficient ways to decrease not only the money spent on uniforms and apparel, but also the time invested in collecting money, team orders, product dispersement and more. We’ve created two simple types of fundraising team stores to allow you to get back to the game instead of worrying about these tedious tasks. We do all of the work and there is no setup or design fees. Both options allow you to raise funds for your team’s upcoming season.

Official Team Stores

Official Team Stores are a great way to offer a wide variety of apparel with no minimum order quantities. We build your fundraising team store with the items you select. Fans, parents and players can order the apparel type and size they need as well as personalize their items in our online product designer. They purchase directly through your team store and we ship directly to their home. You will get our quantity base pricing that you can mark up as a percentage or flat rate to increase funding for your program. There are no deadlines associated with our Team Stores. When an order is placed, items will be produced and shipped at that time.

Official Team Store

The perfect way to continue fundraising throughout the season. We will build your official team store at no cost and allow you to dictate prices on apparel.

Shipped Direct to Consumer

No deadlines for ordering and direct shipping to individual customers. Click the button below to begin your Official Team Store.

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Locker Room Assist Store

The Locker Room Assist is a fundraising team store we create for your team based on the mandatory items you need for your season. This is a great way to offer mandatory items such as uniforms and warmups but you can also offer any of the items that are in our official team stores. All you have to do is fill out one online form to select the items you want to offer in your store and direct your players or parents to our link. Please advise them that their is a deadline that you will dictate for ordering your mandatory items. After orders are placed, we produce and ship direct to you at no cost for you to distribute to your team.

Locker Room Assist

Free Team Store structured around deadlines with the lowest pricing. Items are produced and shipped to your designated location before your season starts.

Always on Time!

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Team Store Frequently Asked Questions

If you are requiring mandatory items such as uniforms, the Locker Room Assist is the better option because their is a deadline on ordering to make sure team items are delivered on time. All items will be delivered to you in one shipment at the end of production to dispurse. If you want to provide a year round store option with no deadline required, we recommend the Team Store option. Both options are free to set up and allow fundraising opportunities to our base pricing.

This is frequently requested and not a problem. We advise you to set up a Locker Room Assist Store to make sure your mandatory items are delivered on time. After your deadline passes, we will convert your Locker Room Assist to an online team store at no cost to you to allow for future orders and fundraising.

Not at all. We are happy to work with any representative for your team. We do require that only one person is responsible for communicating your goals to us to eliminate confusion. We are happy to work with a player, parent, coach or school representative.

Locker Room Assist online stores are available for the duration you request. For example, if you need your items within a specific deadline, we will advise you to urge your parents and players to purchase by a specific deadline to allow us the time needed to produce your orders and ship on time. For an online Team Store, your store will remain open until you request it taken down. If you have a specific timeframe in mind for items to be delivered, we recommend the Locker Room Assist program and then converting to a Team Store after your Locker Room Assist deadline date is passed.

Of course you can. We realize that many purchases are impulse buys at sporting events and we are happy to provide wholesale pricing on the apparel items you want to offer at your team events.

All you have to do is click the link for the option that is right for your team. You will start by providing your team information, uploading your logo, and selecting the items you want on our digital form on that page. We will then contact you within 24 hours to confirm we are beginning work on your exclusive team store.

We strive to get all details and designs coordinated within a couple of days. If you have intricate design requests, this could delay these items from your initial store opening. We will still have your store open for online orders within 1 week with open communication. The intricate designs will be added to your store as soon as they are complete but it will not delay your standard team logo apparel from being available within one week.

Please choose the Locker Room Assist store option initially as it allows you to only take orders during a specific period and everything gets produced and shipped in bulk to a single address you choose. You can always convert to a standard Team Store at the end of your Locker Room Assist store expiration to allow for orders all season long.

With both online ordering options, you will have the opportunity to dictate pricing. We provide you affordable base pricing and allow you to designate the prices paid on your store. Everything above our base price is given back to you to fund your team’s expenses. You can dictate price per item or as a flat rate or percentage.